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People universally believe that objects look colored because they are colored, just as we experience them. The sky looks blue because it is blue, grass looks green because it is green, and blood looks red because it is red. As surprising as it may seem, these beliefs are fundamentally mistaken. Neither objects nor lights are actually “colored” in anything like the way we experience them. Rather, color is a psychological property of our visual experiences when we look at objects and lights, not a physical property of those objects or lights. The colors we see are based on physical properties of objects and lights that cause us to see them as colored, to be sure, but these physical properties are different in important ways from the colors we perceive. (Palmer 1999: 95)

  • Maund, Barry (1 December 1997). “Color”. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Stanford University.

In other words, Maund, Barry(1997) mainly desribes that color (color-as-we-experience it) is a psychological property and it may be interpreted in our different complex perceptions and taste.

However, we have a language to bring common understanding and apply on a digital screen in physical terms for colors in a digital world.

  • R (#255) Red
  • G (#255) Green
  • B (#255) Blue

These color codes are complex and physical yet comprehensible with experience.

CryptoCubes Genesis Article ( Detailed Explanation )

CryptoCubes Journey

In the past weeks, with the end of the auction of CryptoCube#255, all CryptoCubes found their owners.

All of the numbers are now in the hands of the community and CryptoCubes now continue their journey in the secondary market.

We are now in a beautiful journey where all cubes will find their original value with the community.

In this process, various articles have been written about CryptoCubes and we participated in various interviews where we talked about our project.

3 months after CryptoCubes Genesis, our place in the Opensea Ranking came 4th in the collection category with a volume of 213.79 ETH with 115 unique owners ( 28.01.2021) Averaging almost 3 ETH / day

Rarities and Charms

Along with these sales, there have been many interesting events by the community regarding the rarity of CryptoCubes.

The rarest cube sold for 8 and rainbow cube sold for 8.5 which means that Crypto Cubes have more than numeric statistics.

Valuing the appearance of CryptoCube along with their rarity makes the project even more special, and perhaps in the future owners will define the value of the cubes in more diverse thoughts.

Now, I would like to share with you our recent work and future plans along with these beautiful events.

Roadmap and Planned Projects

  • Team

We are getting new people to our team every day to discuss new ideas. We have conducted various interviews in the past and in the future we will explain CryptoCubes in detail in future interviews with media organizations to make this project more public.

  • CryptoCubes Gallery Decentraland Opening Party

75% of the CryptoCube Decentraland files (.gbl) is finished and we are currently in the process of designing the CryptoCube Gallery and optimizing these files for Decentraland. We plan to open our gallery at the end of February. After Decentraland, we will continue to work on the files for CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space.

People who will join our opening party will be able to claim a CryptoCube Attendance token.

  • Physical Prints and Exhibition

We have started working on physical prints with the French Paper Art Gallery and we are preparing for an exhibition in Paris in the coming months. With this news, every CryptoCubes owner will receive signed physical prints of their CryptoCubes without the grain on it.

  • ETHDenver 2021

We submitted our CryptoCubes to the Spheroid_io AR Art display at the EthereumDenver MakerSpace! And we are waiting for the exciting news.

  • Fan-Art

Each CryptoCube is unique. We also want to add more value to each unique CryptoCube. That is why we are planning to create fan-art drop with participating artists. CryptoCubes Fan-Art drop details will be announced in the following days.

  • NFTX

We are meeting with NFTX developers. We started working on creating a fund for CryptoCubes to strengthen the liquidity of project. Our technical work is in progress.

  • On-chain migration-New Website

We are in discussion with Jimmy from Nft42 to migrate our project to the on-chain. This is our major milestone for us to strengten our project. On-chain contract will provide multiple file support such as .gbl for decentraland — .vox for Voxels. — .gif .jpg for the 2d images of the CryptoCubes.

After we migrate to the on-chain we will have a special website and marketplace for CryptoCubes.

Migration details will be announced.

Last but not least

I respectfully remember LarvaLabs,Murat Pak and Jeff Davis for the inspiration and Pak’s meaningful support

Special thanks to the team members who played a big part in the development of this project and the roadmap:

Aksel -Patrick James -Roger Dickerman-Brandon Kang-Matt (y_kymin) ❤

The goal of this project is to get CryptoCubes into the hands of the art-game-metaverse communities so they can be shared, traded, and used in various 3d platforms.

Feel free to give suggestions and comments on Twitter @hanrgb or on CryptoCubes discord channel

Informing people about our project will expand our community.

We will take this project forward together,

Thank you for reading ❤



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